Disappointing finish in England

After yesterday we went in with a good mood for the day’s first elimination round. We made some small changes to get out as much as we could and then it was time. We made ourselves clear and rolled out to the start. 

The car drove off at full speed, but went to the right. After that it all went wrong!

We lost the elimination and when we got back to the trailer, we saw that we had some engine damage… A very disappointing finish to a nice weekend. Magnus is currently in the truck on the way home while the rest of the team is in a hotel, waiting to fly home tomorrow.

Now we will be working hard to get the car ready for the next race is in Tierp in about two weeks! We take with us that we still are the “Best Appearing team” and we are of course happy but sad at the same time. Hope to see you at Tierp! Have a good one all the lovely people out there!

PB Pro Stock Racing

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