Here is a summary of the weekend’s race!

This weekend’s race offered beautiful weather and a lot of audience! It was a good weekend for driving fast, but also for our opponents …

During qualifying we ran evenly and stably. As best in qualifying we ran 6.66 but then we had a speed of 337.7 km/h over the finish line, a new personal best.
We placed 4th in the qualification for the elimination on Sunday.

Unfortunately the race ended in the first elimination round. We managed to do a good turn, and the clock stopped at 6.62! Unfortunately, did our opponent Malmgren an even better turn and ran his personal best of 6.59.

One positive thing was that it was the attendance record on Saturday! There were 36,000 people watching on Saturday which was a cool experience. There were a lot of people throughout the weekend!

Now it will be to recharge for the very last race of the year, then it is time again to go to Santa Pod, England!
We’ll take everything positive from this weekend and come to England both stronger and hopefully faster!
It is now that it will be determined which position it will be in this year’s European Championship. We are ready, are you?

With kind regards
PB Pro Stock Racing

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