Summary of the the season

The season 2015 has now reached its end.
We look back on this season with mixed feelings. Happiness, sadness, disappointed are just some of the emotions. But what would racing be without it?

The competition in England did not end as we had anticipated.
We ran very evenly during all the races. But unfortunately it was not fast enough to reach a podium place.
We stop as four in this year’s European Championships, not a bad position, but of course we are not completely satisfied.
We have had ups and downs. Unfortunately, it has mostly been setbacks. But out of every negative thing, you can find ten Positive.
It is with this attitude we finish the season with. And it is with this attitude that we will come back next year, stronger than ever!

It’s been great to see how many people are following us here on our website, facebook and at the races! It is thanks to you that we get inspiration and strength to continue!
We would like to say THANK YOU to all of you, you guys are amazing with all the comments and well wishes before and after the races.
Without your fans and followers, we had not been as strong!

A very big thank you, we also want to say to our wonderful sponsors! It is thanks to you that we can go on all competitions and allows us to invest even more for the next season! You are amazing!

We may not have achieved that we have wanted this season. But we have more amazing readers and fans than we could ever believe. You are the best! So again, a huge thank you from us at PB Pro Stock Racing!

Join us in the future, for now we begin to prepare for next season. Check out all the exciting news, only on our website and facebook.



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