The racing season 2016 has come to an end. But we ended up in third place in the European Championships!

Now we have the last race of this season.
We finished in England with only four cars entered in Pro Stock.
In summary, we ran not fast enough to be among the top in England.

How do I summarize the season 2016?
We are obviously delighted to third place in the European Championships!
But we also feel disappointed that we have not got it to work as we want!
The season has had ups and downs.
Now it’s time to disassemble the car to adjust for the next season!

If you want go and read the article that our local newspaper has published:

We want to thank all who help us and support us during the season! You are worth gold!
A big thank you to all the fans and our sponsors for this season and now we are preparing together for next season.

We also want to thank everyone in the team PB Pro Stock Racing! All team members are extremely important for us and we had never managed without them! Many thanks!

So again thank you to all who in any way have been with us this season. It is thanks to you that we can continue to run! Hope to see you next season!

Thank you for this season and goodbye for now!

PB Pro Stock Racing

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