The second day of qualification has been completed and it has been a day of much trouble, with the track! But we’re ready for elimination tomorrow!

The first turn for the day went better than yesterday! We drove 6.73. As several other drivers improved, it placed us in a seventh place in the qualification.

When it was time for the second run of the day, there was a problem with the course. After an oil spill it took a very long time for the organizers to fix the course again. The sanitation took so long that we did not have time to run our final qualifying round. It’s very boring as we would like to drive one more round before the elimination, but we finish at a seventh place in the qualification.

Tomorrow the elimination begins. And in the first round we run against Bengt Ljungdahl. It will be tough and we will do everything we can to make a nice round! Sleep well everyone, we’ll drive tomorrow again!

//PB Pro Stock Racing

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