Summing of the weekend in Tierp

After an exciting and eventful weekend in Tierp, we are back home. The weekend that was had both ups and downs.

We could not complete two of our qualifying rounds because we got stuck at the start. The first qualifying round we came down we drove at 6.74. And the second round of qualifying we could complete we drove at 6.65. We are very pleased with that time, and we feel we have more to get!

When all the qualifying rounds were over, we qualified at an eighth place at our time 6.65. Never before has it been so tight among the eight main! We are therefore pleased that we managed to qualify for the elimination.

In elimination we had to meet the qualifier Jimma. Unfortunately, we were again stuck at the start and could not complete the entire round as we had hoped.
However, we feel that the car and the engine start to work together, and that is a step forward.
Now, we’ll be home for one week before Magnus drives off with the truck again, then it’s time to go to the final race for the season in Santa Pod, England!

We would like to thank everyone who is there and support us during our season! A big thank you to all fans, audiences, assistants and, of course, our sponsors!

See you all in England!

PB Pro Stock Racing


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